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These designs were in a flower in New Hampshire a few years ago. Several of these designs received blue ribbons for their class. Please note that these photos may not be reproduced.


                                          Design 1                                                          Design 2

Design 1: A metal sculpture was painted pink, red, and orange. Foam tubes and colorful flowers finish the look. The gerbera daisies are in water tubes. This design received The Designer’s Choice Award, purple rosette, and The Artistic Design Award, gold rosette.

Design 2: In this design a grid was made with flax leaves. Blocks  were formed with red, yellow, and orange roses and edged with green trick dianthus. This wasn’t an easy design to assemble. This design lost points as it exceeded the size of the background, but it still earned a blue ribbon.


                                            Design 3                                                         Design 4

Design 3: Lavender and red contrast and fly through the space in this design. Points were taken off since the background is undersized for the design.

Design 4: Red, pink, and lavender are skillfully combined in this design. The red anthuriums are a perfect accent. It was not easy to narrow down the top ribbon in this section and this was a close second.