Although wreaths are beautiful, they are a bit more challenging than creating an arrangement in a container. Here are some pictures and commentary about creating a fall wreath.

 First the ingredients: I chose several items from my design collection. I chose an interesting vine form…it’s a bit trickier to put together than a plain grapevine or straw wreath. Also, wheat stalks, Sea Grape painted foliage, dried Aspidistra leaves. Freshly fallen oak leaves, an assortment of ribbons, and sprayed Palmetto (I ended up not using this). Wire and tools.


Second, the wreath is put on a stand to decorate: Wheat sprays and Aspidistra go on first. Aspidistra is normally green or green with white stripes. This Aspidistra was used before…It was manipulated, folded, and pierced when still green and used in a fresh design. I usually save fresh Aspidistra for more uses since it turns to these beautiful brown tones as it dries.   

Third, the wreath hanging on the stand is completed: I chose the gold ribbon as it stands out well against the other colors. The orange Sea Grape leaves came from Florida years ago and have been used more than once. This fall, some of the oak leaves are falling in clusters. As you can see, I picked up the greener ones to add the green accent. The gold bow completes the wreath.

And, this is how it looks on our front door. The oak leaves will continue to dry and turn brown but there are more out there to replace them. I have painted completely dry oak leaves gold in years past.