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Last month’s speaker, Jeanne Singer, inspired me to put together a container project I had been thinking about for some time. It involves a length of rebar or other sturdy thin rod and various sizes of pots with drain holes in the bottom (I used 4), then stacking them on top of each other and putting in plants. You can even stack them topsy turvy at angles for fun. Rebar can be found in various lengths and is inexpensive.

Steps: Find a fairly level spot in your yard or flower bed and hammer the rebar, pipe, etc. into the ground several inches (be careful not to puncture your sprinkler system, cable or utilities) then place your largest container down over it and weigh the bottom with bricks, stones, etc and cover with potting soil and pat down firmly especially in the center, then place the next pot on top but just fill with your potting soil and do the same for how ever many pots you want to use.  Then fill with your plants around the open edges. You can have fun with it by placing some themed decorative items around the plants if desired. In the featured image, you can see that, unfortunately, the deer discovered this new salad buffet and sampled some mums before I took the photo.