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I am originally from the Philadelphia area. They have a wonderful zoo and I have fond memories of visiting there when I was young…..but for the reptile house! My sister went to a plant sale there many years ago…probably in the mid 1970’s. She bought a Clivia plant for me, from their collection. So, possibly 45 or so years ago she gave me this plant.  

Clivia is attractive with green strap-like leaves and showy orange blooms in the summer. The bloom time can vary depending on location, but mine bloom in mid-summer.  My plant spends the winter on my glass porch that maintains a temperature in the mid 60’s. I keep it watered and lightly fertilized. At this time of year I move it outside and put the pot on my porch and then I move it to the garden when it is warmer.

My Clivia reliably blooms in the summer, producing large orange blooms, and can rebloom. Since I spend my summer months in New Hampshire, my neighbors tell me when it is in bloom and often send a photo. Over the years I have divided this and repotted it numerous times…… Possibly every 5 or more years. It grows robustly and needs this repotting or it’s vigorous roots can break the pot.

The blog post photo is a young Clivia. My plant fills its pot. If you try Clivia, you may find you have a lifetime companion plant like mine.