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We are topping off Garden Week in Georgia with virtual garden tours here and around the world. Join us as we appreciate this amazing planet and the work of gardeners everywhere.

  • Get lost in beauty at the Gardens Illustrated website, starting at the Inspiring Gardens tab. You can spend hours looking at and reading about rural, urban, and international gardens. More hours are needed to read about the gardeners and to explore garden design.
    • Read about the RHS Virtual Chelsea Flower Show May 19 – 23.
      • You can sign up for Gardens Illustrated’s RHS Virtual Chelsea Flower Show emails and receive a free digital copy Pots of Style Special Edition—I signed up because I’m going to take part in the Virtual Chelsea Flower Show.
      • I downloaded Pots of Style, took a peek, and couldn’t stop skimming it to finish this post. The people at Gardens Illustrated aren’t exaggerating when they say it is gorgeous.
    • Check out Gardens Illustrated’s Ten virtual garden tours to take from home. One of the tours is Monet’s Garden at Giverny, another is Kew Gardens. The United States Botanic Garden is on the list, with several starting points for Google Street View tours.
  • Jump off the Garden’s Illustrated site to explore the Gardens of the Globe—this clickable map is an advertisement site, but the gardens on it are unbelievable. Since I had to write this post, I couldn’t spend too much time there, but I checked out the Denver Botanic Gardens, the Anima Garden in Morocco, and the Jerusalem Botanical Gardens. I’m headed back there after I post this.
  • Take a trip down memory lane with the American Hydrangea Society’s YouTube channel videos of previous Annual Garden Tours.
  • Tour the Atlanta Botanical Garden starting on the Life Blooms On page—scroll down a bit for the virtual tour.
  • Tour the State Botanical Garden of Georgia.
  • Get lost in the beauty of the Gibbs Garden Photo Gallery.

If these tours leave you wanting more, you can always google virtual garden tours. Get lost in the splendor of these gardens as we stay at home together.

Thank you for spending Garden Week in Georgia with us. I’ll think about you when I’m at the Virtual Chelsea Garden Show. Cheers.