Flowers, like our friends and family, are the gifts that nature provides us throughout our lives. From the time we are born to the day we become one with nature ourselves; flowers keep us company. They brighten our homes, our workplaces and hospital bedside, and celebrate all sorts of occasions; they are presented as symbols of Love, friendship and sympathy. Even the simplest Dandelion brings a smile to a mothers face when her child lovingly gifts it to her. Many a book has a flower pressed inside it as a keepsake, often forgotten until re-discovered and the memories come flooding back. Flowers are also the harbingers of the coming spring season; we feel happiness and anticipation upon seeing that first Crocus peek it’s head out of the snow. Flowers are universally admired and loved.

Throughout the world flowers grow everywhere, even in the coldest and hottest of places. They decorate our yards, countryside, cities and highways. They can be found deep in the woods where barely a spot of sun shines through, on top of a mountain and even on top of the water. Flowers are resilient like the truest of friends and without them we ourselves would fail to thrive. Flowers are also a great reminder of what it means to embrace the simple pleasures in life. Not only are they beautiful, sweetly scented and some are quite rare; but flowers can bring us inner peace, joy and a sense of calm and beauty.

In that way, flowers remind me of friendships and family. We develop our relationships in much the same way as a seed is planted. We give them time to develop and put down roots and nurture them to grow strong. As time goes on we gain an understanding of what it takes for the flowers to grow and we make needed adjustments along the way to help them reach their full potential. Maybe more water or sunlight is needed; whatever it is, we need to be patient as time goes on. Friendships compare to flowers in the sense that if you don’t give them room to grow and accept their needs then nothing will come from your efforts. As each passing day brings new growth, our confidence increases and we gain an appreciation for our hard work while we watch the amazing petals unfold to reveal the flowers true beauty. And like the flowers sprouting in a garden, our friendships are beautiful; we proudly stand tall with our faces toward the sun and have memories to last a lifetime. ~End

Friendship is laughter, empathy, and tears — reliable, warm-hearted, and giving. “Let us be grateful to people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.” – Marcel Proust.