JoAnn: We are not always in the garden, our friendship happens all around Roswell. Last week some of us got together at Jeanne’s home and stitched 50 of the cutest “Happy Sacks” to be placed on each meal delivered by Meals on Wheels this spring. 

 We had many laughs and caught up on our families. Besides Jeanne and myself, JoAnn, Marcia, Carolyn, Stephanie, Donna, and Dawn helped with Happy Sacks. We missed those who were not able to join us.



Amy: Proust reminds me of the friendship, camaraderie, and support that exist within a garden club, a group of dedicated people who share the joy and pleasure of taking hard earth and making beautiful things bloom. Image from




Diane: As a new member of the Roswell Garden Club, I have truly enjoyed getting to know each member. They are such a talented, fun, kind and giving group of women. Our club is, indeed, a garden that has been grown row by row, establishing roots in the community, and allowing each member to bloom. I am thrilled to have a new group of cherished friends!

Suzy: Our garden club is the embodiment of friendship. When you look at pictures of our garden club activities, you see a beautiful garden of friends. Our friendship includes gardening, decorating, laughing, sewing, traveling, planting, learning, teaching, arranging, sharing, paying tribute, serving, and building community.



If you can’t join us in the garden that is our friendship, we hope you can find a garden club or garden group near you and become a flower in their garden of friendship.