How to be an Aloe Vera parent:

• Your child needs bright, but not direct, sunlight.

• To grow big and strong, water once a week if the soil is dry. Do no drown it. Fertilize with water-soluble plant fertilizer once a month. You can use fertilizer spikes available at garden centers—very easy to use with no mess. Read the directions.

• Your child likes it outdoors when there is no danger of frost. April 15, put it outside where it gets light and humidity—no direct sun. Continue to water and fertilize.

• In the summer, your aloe will sprout new plants, and you will be a grandparent. Isn’t that sweet?

• Next fall before November 7, carefully repot your aloe and tenderly remove the grandbabies. Pot the grandbabies and give them to your friends. They will smile.

• Do not allow your friends to say “Thank You” for the plant. They should only say, “I will give this plant a good home.” That’s something my Aunt Juanita taught me.

• Read about your plant on the internet. The aloe has amazing healing qualities. Your child will be handy to have around the house especially to soothe cooking-related burns.

 Good Luck to you. If you have any questions, stop by the ABA booth at the Downtown Alpharetta Farmers Market and Ask a Master Gardener. Or call the Master Gardener HOTLINE 404.613.7670 or go online to for tons of helpful gardening information.