Roswell Garden Club is pleased to invite you to our inaugural community plant talk in the raised beds garden at the Roswell Adult Recreation Center. We hope you can celebrate Garden Week in Georgia with us by coming to our talk–Planting Annuals in Pots or Beds–on Friday, April 23, at 11.

Planting Annuals in Pots or Beds is the first in a series of community talks based on the plants in the raised beds at the ARC. The raised beds are planted for easy teaching & learning. The beds, which are refreshed in the spring and fall with appropriate seasonal changes, have a great variety of plants, including

  • Succulents
  • Herbs 
  • Ground covers & bulbs
  • Pansies & other annuals provide seasonal color
  • Bulbs & annuals are the final pairing

RGC built the raised bed gardens in 2007 for the ARC’s guests with physical and mental challenges. In 2017 the gardens were rebuilt as a Boy Scout’s Eagle Scout Project. These gardens have always been maintained by RGC and the ARC’s Young Adult Group. On November 6, 2020, Roswell Garden Club members transformed the waist-high beds for use in mini-lessons on planting and caring for various types of plants. All seven planters were stripped, the beds were charged with new soil, and plants were put in place. The plants were marked for reference and teaching purposes. This great team effort is about to yield results as RGC’s community talks begin.

Our current schedule of talks followed by Q & A is:

  • April 23 @ 11, Planting Annuals in Pots or Beds 
  • May 12 @ 11, Success with Succulents
  • June 9 @ 11, National Garden Week, Milkweed Mud Pies for Monarchs

 We look forward to sharing the fun of plants and planting. We hope you join us!