Note from Suzy: Here’s a fantastic resource for garden enthusiasts everywhere. Guest blogger Jim Hodson contacted us via our website to let us know about the Master Gardener resources Fast Growing Trees developed. You need to check out this site. Be careful, though. My initial check-out of the resource turned into a delightful 2-hour exploration followed by many subsequent visits. There’s a direct link to the Master Gardener section In Jim’s post. If you go to the Fast Growing Trees home page, choose Plant Care Resource Center, choose Tools, scroll down to Master Gardener, and choose Learn More. I can’t wait to hear what you think about the site. Here’s Jim’s post…

Fast Growing Trees recently unveiled their new educational series on Master Gardening. The organization recognizes the need to create additional awareness of the Master Gardener programs offered in each state as well as to provide similar free, self-paced gardening curriculum to those who might not otherwise engage in a formal Master Gardener program due to the cost and time commitments they require.

To that end, the organization has created a great resource for both groups of gardening enthusiasts. To promote awareness and enrollment in formal Master Gardener programs in each state, the Master Gardening Resource answers the most common questions regarding Master Gardeners and the programs required to become one. It includes a comprehensive directory of Cooperative Extension Services in each state so that visitors can get additional information about their state’s Master Gardener program and hopefully enroll.

However, the feature we are most excited about is the free Master Gardening Curriculum resource that contains much of the content covered in a typical Master Gardener program while allowing the user to learn at their own pace. Here’s the link to our Master Gardener Resource Center home page or directly to our free, self-paced Master Gardening Curriculum

Happy explorations!