I like to buy plants for my containers that can be planted in the yard at the end of their bloom season. This fall I felt the need for large bursts of color and enticing texture, so I did a little research before heading out and put Brown’s Japanese Yew, Huechera, Floral Berry (St. John’s Wort), Stone Crop, Hens & Chicks, Compact Oregon Grape, and Lime Twist Sedum on my list of plants to look for.

After my first stop, Snow ‘N Summer Asiatic Jasmine, mugo pine, cabbage, and violas were added to the list. I hadn’t bought anything yet, though. At my next stop, Frenzy Juncus, an Autumn Empress Encore Azalea, a few Hazy Dark Pink Asters, and a pack of SnapdDragons jumped the list and hopped into my cart. They called my name, and there weren’t many of them, so I needed to get them right away. Oh, and 5 hot fuscia cyclamen. I love cyclamen. I’d forgotten that there were varieties that are hardy to -25 degrees, so I was thrilled to read the plant tag and see that these gorgeous plants should thrive here in metro Atlanta. Then I remembered a container I’d seen in Gardens Illustrated’s Pots of Style that included cyclamen in winter in England. Those cyclamen were definitely hardy to very low temperatures.

I headed back to stop one and picked up some of the Snow ‘N Summer Asiatic Jasmine (hardy to 0 – 10 degrees); some gorgeous dark purple cabbage (an exception to my replant rule), and a Blue Point Juniper to add to the mix.

My day is brightened by their beauty every time I look out one of my windows. The plants look like they are very happy out there. I hope you get the chance to bring such beauty into your day whether the plants are inside or outside.