Many people think that you can recycle boxes and all paper products. My proposal is to have a sticker that is given out to each member of the community telling them what is and isn’t allowed in the recycling bin to reduce the amount of thrown out recycling materials that are being thrown out. For example, when you order pizza and think to yourself that you could recycle it, you actually can’t due to the grease and oil that would gum up the machine that compresses the recycling. If people would throw out the box then they would save at least 2-3 pounds of landfill trash that could be recycled and re-purposed. Another way to help our community in helping the earth would be to invintivate restaurants to move towards reusable straws instead of plastic. They would save money and decrease the plastic accumulation of plastic around Roswell. They would put the straw in the same package as your utensils and then wash and sanitize it when they sanitize your other utensils. It’s an efficient and practical way to decrease the use of plastic straws in the Roswell community. Along with the restaurants changing out plastic straws for metal, restaurants should also use cardboard takeout boxes rather than foam ones. The foam ones take a very long time to “disintegrate” into the earth. By replacing them with cardboard it’s still going to keep your food fresh and safe as well as being a great form of recycling and helping give back to our earth. I hope that the Roswell community can come together and have ideas and innovations to make the Roswell community greener. We have already made smaller steps by implementing new recycling bins that have mechanical arms to do all the heavy lifting and take the pressure off of the workers. I hope that my ideas can help make Roswell a better and healthier community.