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Here are RGC member responses to How have you spent your time during the virus?

From Dotty E

While honoring guidelines, I have spent my time doing projects around my home that I had put off for a long time–still lots to do. But I was able to do some organizing, exterior siding replacement and painting, and some interior painting. 

Lots of reflection on what I truly value as we have had to isolate and even refrain from gathering at our places of worship. I have decided that I will more mindfully give thanks daily for all my blessings large and small and to help others along the way. 

I have not done a lot of additional planting in the garden, but I have been formulating some plans for the type outcome I desire and will resume some planting in the fall. But lots of weeding was done during this time. 

We adopted an abused dog and have had to work really hard to help him overcome his fears and challenges. He has come a long way but still a long way to go. It has been heartbreaking to realize how scared he has been before us, and we are determined to make a difference. 

From Dorothy J

The time I had during lockdown I spent working in my garden. I was able to clean and manicure my flower beds to get ready for planting. I also did some craft projects like painting some big flower pots that I had sitting in my garage for years. Now they look great in the garden (note: one of these pots was yesterday’s blog post image). Also did a lot of spring cleaning, reading and created cookbooks of my recipes to give to my daughters. Take care and stay well, Dorothy J

From Gretchen C

Thought more and rushed less! Contacted distant friends and local friends who might need a call. Read and read and read…now on Book 17…most borrowed on-line from the library. Made Prayer Quilts. Felt Gratitude: for a period of change to relax, for the good fortune to not be affected adversely by Covid, for an amazing church which has been in touch every day during this time!

From Lisa E

I channeled Marie Kondo for the first few weeks of lockdown. It’s hard to let things go, isn’t it? I read somewhere that she recommends having approximately 34 books in your house. I could never live with that. I love my books. I worked in the garden a lot and planted a bigger veggie garden than I have in many years. I hope I can keep up with it. I’ve spend some time in Ohio with family—feeling the gratitude like never before. Early in April, I accepted a part-time job at Scottsdale Farms Nursery. It’s a pretty physical job, and that’s been good for me. I look forward to working there throughout the changing seasons. I miss you all and look forward to a time when we can garden, learn, and socialize.

From Florence Anne B

This time apart allowed me the unique opportunity to compile the largest ever to do list—mostly outside, and chip away at it daily with only the weather to interrupt. I thrived on it. Tackled stuff that had been pending for years. It is by no means finished because gardening never is, but it has been rewarding to totally immerse in nature on a daily basis.  And very therapeutic!  Especially now.

From Linda Lee P

I went to Miramar Brach for almost two weeks which has helped me immensely to survive some of this time plus reconnect with my happy place–the beach. 

Beautiful flowers, fresh air, sunshine and the surf washing upon the sand. God was ever present and I could breathe freely. (note: the image for this blog post is from Linda Lee’s trip).

 From Suzy C

 I’ve had a blast with my gardening endeavors during the stay-at-home period. I cleaned out some existing beds, battling ivy, honey suckle, poison ivy, and vinca major. They aren’t eradicated, but they are under control now. In a newly-cleared area under my ancient oak, I planted some shade-loving divisions my friend Lisa gifted me.

I’ve divided some hydrangeas and bulbs. I distributed the divisions around my grounds :). Some are in newly-cleaned beds, others are spending a season in containers. I spent about 20 hours on blog entries for Garden Week in Georgia, and another 40 hours or so immersed in the Virtual Chelsea Flower Show. I’m sure I’ll spend several hours on blog entries for National Garden Week.

I bought a cute little battery-free solar fountain and am cleaning out my grandfather’s cast iron scalding pot to convert into a home for the solar fountain (note: one of this week’s blog posts is about this). I’m about to transform an old wrought-iron chair into a planter. My hammock stand has a new hammock and a new location perfect for hanging out and reading.

 On my upcoming list:…I’ve signed up for the free online 2020 Fiber Symposium from June 19th to the 27th. If you check out the schedule, I’m especially interested in the Antique Stone Lady Bust session and the Sculpt an Owl session to learn how to make accoutrements for my gardens. Hope you can join me at the symposium.

I plan to turn an old table and an old baker’s stand into a potting station. Also, I’ve realized the old wooden swing set/fort in my back yard is NOT an old wooden swing set/fort — it’s a folly! I see lots of opportunity exploring that idea. And let’s not forget mowing the grass. Maybe I’ll convert the front yard into a meadow.