Roswell Garden Club and Soil3 have so much in common. We both want to make Roswell and its surrounding cities look more beautiful. We hope you will make your spring soil purchase using the links below. With Soil3, you get the best products for all your planting needs and save $5 on The Big Yellow Bag plus take advantage of the sale in February ($30 off) and March ($20 off through the 15th, then $10 off through the 31st) . Your purchases of The Big Yellow Bag and the mini cube support RGC goals and projects.

RGC’s fundraiser is for the Big Yellow Bag (1 cubic yard) of Humus Compost, Veggie Mix or Soil3 Level Mix and the Grab’n’Go Mini Cube (1 cubic foot) of Humus Compost or Veggie Mix. Mini-cubes can be picked up from a local Super-Sod Store. 

Why Soil3?

  • Reduces the need for harsh chemicals
  • Provides enough nutrients for season-long growing-no need to apply additional fertilizer
  • 4 times the water retention of regular soil
  • Approved for Organic Gardening by OMRI, the Organic Materials Review Institute

 Click here to shop for Big Yellow Bags RGC’s promo code is Roswell2023

Click here to shop for Mini Cubes RGC’s promo code is Roswellmini23

Please note: Each link must be used separately to order

Thank you for your support.