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During the pandemic, many citizens of Roswell have made a conscious effort to get outside and explore local areas. Home to many waterways, parks and trails, Roswell provides a breath of fresh air and variety from being stuck within the same four walls. While the breath of fresh air is nice, it can be hard not to notice an empty soda bottle lingering on the river’s surface, or maybe a shopping bag caught in a tree. Litter like plastic bottles and bags act as visual representations of how we are damaging our environment, but not as commonly seen or discussed are our carbon emissions.

The terms “carbon emissions” and “carbon footprint” have been buzzwords when speaking on the environment for years now. It is important to have a grasp on what exactly these refer to. Simply put, one’s carbon footprint references how much they contribute to the production of carbon dioxide, which damages our planet by fast tracking climate change. So now the question is, how can the citizens of Roswell help?

Our daily consumption of products like gas, clothing, and food play into our carbon footprint. As far as transportation goes, the average car gives off 4.6 metric tons of carbon dioxide a year. That number can be reduced by simply arranging a carpool rotation with friends of utilizing one of the Marta bus routes that service Georgia. When it comes to clothing, shopping sustainably can become costly. Instead of buying new, try taking care of the pieces you already own or browse a thrift store with friends. Roswell has several chain thrift stores, and other, smaller consignment stores. Taking a look at food consumption, shopping at local markets and ensuring you do not over buy can decrease carbon emissions. The Roswell Farmers and Artisans Market runs through April to October and would be a good place to start. These seemingly simple steps can be the start of even bigger changes.

Take a second to take in the environment around you. We cannot truly enjoy our surroundings while actively contributing to their destruction. Roswell gifts us greenery, waterways, and wildlife, so it is only fair that we do our part to protect our city.

If you care to take a look at how you influence our environment take a look at The Nature Conservatory’s Carbon Footprint Calculator…

Featured image photo taken on one of Roswell’s many trails by Maille McLaughlin

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