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Blue & Gold Star Memorial Markers

Our newly installed Blue Star and Gold Star Memorial Markers @ Faces of War Memorial will be dedicated on Memorial Day 2022

Memorial Markers @ Roswell City Council Meeting

Members of RGC, Roswell Rotary, Roswell Memorial Day Committee, &  Georgia Hall of Fame Veterans present united front @ Roswell City Council Meeting

Gold Star Families Memorial Marker

This is the new Gold Star Families Memorial @ Roswell’s City Hall

Blue Star Memorial Marker

Our newly installed Blue Star Memorial Marker @ Roswell’s City Hall

2019 Fall Farm Days @ Smith

2019 Fall Farm Days @ Smith

2019 Fall Farm Days @ Smith

2019 Fall Farm Days @ Smith

2019 Making Garden Therapy Stockings

Making Garden Therapy Stockings - 2019

Community Projects: Beautifying, Preserving, & Promoting Roswell

RGC has a wide range of one-time & ongoing community projects. We made progress on our Blue Star and Gold Star Families Memorial Markers at Roswell’s City Hall and participated in the Great Pollinator Census despite COVID-19. For safety reasons, Fall Farm Days and The Great Azalea Give-Away were postponed.

2019-2022 Focus Project: National Garden Clubs' Blue Star & Gold Star Memorial Markers for Roswell

A program of  the National Garden Clubs, The Blue & Gold Star Memorials Program honors all men and women that serve in the United States Armed Services.” The Blue Star Marker honors all who have served, the Gold Star Families Marker honors families who have lost a family member in service.

RGC, in collaboration with the Rotary Club of Roswell, the Roswell Memorial Day Committee, and the Roswell Recreation & Parks Department, placed a Blue Star Memorial Marker and a Gold Star Families Memorial Marker at Roswell’s City Hall in June 2020. The placement was approved at the Mayor and Council Meeting Nov. 25, 2019.

The markers flank the Faces of War Memorial. RGC is working with Hall of Fame veterans, Roswell Recreation & Parks, and the Roswell Memorial Day committee to enhance the plantings at the memorial site and to properly maintain the memorials.

The markers will be dedicated on May 30, 2022 at the Roswell Remembers Memorial Day Ceremony.

Annual Fall Farm Days @ Smith | 2019 - Another Great Success; Looking Forward to 2021

RGC co-sponsors the annual Fall Farm Days @ Archibald Smith. Fall Farm Days are open to and free to the community. The child-focused event is held in conjunction with the Roswell Youth Day Parade. This year, due to COVID-19, Fall Farm Days & the Roswell Youth Day Parade were cancelled.

In 2019, approximately 1,000 children, parents, grandparents, and other adults attended Fall Farm Days. 

The hands-on children’s activities aimed at stimulating interest in nature and increasing awareness of ways to interact with the environment were very popular—480 mums were planted and carried away and 500 pumpkins were decorated and carried to new homes. The artisan exhibits gave children the opportunity to learn about the history of life on the farm. 

RGC provided crafts for children, sold lunch and baked goods (550 hot dogs & hamburgers), and decorated for the festival. The income from this event will fund many RGC projects.

2019-2020 Project: Great Georgia Pollinator Census

RGC Members participated in a historical initiative where people all around the state recorded the number and type of pollinators they observed during a 10 minute time period on either August 21st or August 22nd, 2020.  

Garden Club Of Georgia's Garden Therapy Through Meals-On-Wheels on hold until 2021

RGC’s unique approach to GCG’s Garden Therapy Projects is through Meals-On-Wheels. Members make seasonal seed holders (stockings in December, eggs & bunnies in March) and add seed packets to the holders. The seasonal seed holders are distributed to Meals-On-Wheels recipients with their meals. This project will resume in 2021.

Great Azalea Giveaway @ The Roswell Azalea Festival (a Garden Club of Georgia Garden Week in Georgia project)...on hold until 2022

RGC participates in the annual Roswell Azalea Festival in April during the Garden Club of Georgia’s Garden Week in Georgia.  The goal is to improve the beauty of the city of Roswell by the planting of azaleas in various locations.

Roswell citizens think this is a great project as evidenced by the rapid rate the azaleas are given away. In 2019, many Roswellians stopped by the table to share pictures of the azaleas they received in previous years.

We look forward to resuming this project in 2022.

Waist High Gardens for Mini-Lectures


Waist High Gardens for Mini-Lectures


Waist High Gardens for Mini-Lectures

Bulbs & Ground Covers

Completed Entrance Gardens @ Roswell ARC Redesign Project: Completed Fall 2019

Entrance Gardens @ Roswell ARC Redesign Project: Almost Done (September '19)

Plaque in Entrance Gardens @ Roswell ARC

ARC Entrance Gardens: Design Session w/City Landscape Architect (Summer '19)

Entrance Gardens @ Roswell ARC Redesign Project: Fountain Installation (May '19)

RGC Members @ Courtyard Concert (Waist High Gardens) @ Roswell ARC (Nov '19)

Concert in the Courtyard @ Roswell ARC

Waist High Gardens @ Roswell ARC Scout Eagle Project

Ongoing Community Beautification & Education: RGC Gardens @ Roswell Adult Recreation Center

RGC maintains the front Entrance Gardens of this center located at 830 Grimes Bridge Road. RGC and Roswell’s Recreation & Parks Department just completed redesigning the Entrance Gardens to include a peaceful fountain and improved walkways.

RGC built and maintains the Waist-High Garden @ the ARC for visitors’ enjoyment and as a project to work with the ARC’s Young Adult group. This year we planted the waist-high gardens with themes for mini-lessons for the public.


2020-2021 Focus Project: Mini-Lectures & Waist High Gardens @ Roswell ARC

The waist-high gardens at ARC have evolved. Each bed is planted to lend itself to teaching/learning about different types of plants. RGC is working on a series of horticultural mini-lectures at the gardens.

One bed is planted with succulents, and another is planted with herbs. Groundcovers and bulbs are featured in another. Pansies and other annuals will be colorful and showy throughout the season. Bulbs and annuals pair up in another bed. Beginning in January, we hope to do some short lessons/lectures based on the plants in the raised beds and other seasonal plants. In April we will refresh the beds and put in some edibles and summer annuals.

RGC first built the gardens in 2007 for the ARC’s guests with physical and mental challenges. In 2017 the gardens were rebuilt as a Boy Scout’s Eagle Scout Project. These gardens have always been maintained by RGC and the Center’s Young Adult Group.

2019-2020 FOCUS PROJECT Community Beautification: RGC Gardens @ Roswell Adult Recreation Center


In late fall 2019, RGC and Roswell’s Recreation & Parks Department completed the redesign of the Entrance Gardens to include a peaceful fountain and improved walkways.

RGC was heavily involved in the funding, design, and implementation of the redesign. Pictures of the design, construction, and completion are from May – November, 2019.


Trees @ Roswell ARC Adult Aquatics Center (in collaboration with Roswell's Tree Planting Partnership Program)

RGC partnered with the City of Roswell to fund the installation of new trees at the Roswell Adult Aquatic Center on Grimes Bridge Road as part of the city’s Tree Planting Partnership Program. The program provides financial support to organizations who want to enhance and beautify Roswell by increasing its tree canopy and density.

Roswell approved the landscaping project for the new Roswell Adult Aquatic Center based on the long-standing relationship RGC has with the ARC. RGC funded River Birch trees from the Tree Planting Partnership Program’s hardwood tree species list.

Tree @ City Hall

Tree @ City Hall

Foyer @ Smith

Dining Room @ Smith

Green & White Mannequin @ Smith

Musical Tree @ Smith

Community Beautification: RGC Decorates

RGC decorates several locations around Roswell. Members decorate a 14’ tree in the rotunda of City Hall, a tree at the Roswell Convention and Visitors Bureau, the lobby of the Roswell Adult Recreation Center, and throughout the Archibald Smith home and grounds. Special guest designer Curtis Burch designs the big tree and consults on each room of Smith. RGC received the Garden Club of Georgia Holiday Decorations 1st place award in 2012 and 2013.

Smith Holiday Decorations

RGC decorates the Smith home and property each year. Curtis Burch, professional designer, directs decoration of the big tree and consults on other decorations throughout the house. This year the rooms were adorned with beautiful floral mannequins.

Normally, a private preview reception is held for RGC families and friends, Smith employees and families, the Mayor and members of the Council, and other Roswell government staff. This year the preview was limited to RGC members only.

Floral Design

RGC members participate in floral design education at meetings, attend and participate in floral workshops, judge flower shows and teach others about floral design.

Smith Table Centerpiece

Gretchen C designed this centerpiece for the dining room at Smith. The director sent a letter of appreciation for the beauty of the design and its historical appropriateness.

January Flower Festival at Saint Phillips Cathedral

JoAnn Jones and Gretchen Collins both participated at this event.

RGC Flower Arranging Workshop @ March 2019 Meeting

Gretchen Collins and JoAnn Jones taught members key concepts in floral design.

Daffodil Show

JoAnn takes first place in her category at the Chattahoochee Nature Center’s Daffodil Show

Christmas Flower Show

Gretchen Collins and Joann Jones participated in this show.

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In Historic Preservation

Mannequins @ Smith

Reindeer in Side Yard @ Smith

Family Portrait Wreath @ Smith

Celebrating a Successful Decorating Session

Vegetable & Herb Garden @ Smith

Harvesting Veggies Garden @ Smith

Harvested Veggies @ Smith

Bench in Spring-Cleaned & Planted Plant-It-Pink Garden (NGC) @ Smith

Spring Cleaning & Planting Plant-It-Pink Garden (NGC) @ Smith

Historic Preservation: RGC Gardens @ Smith

One of three Roswell antebellum homes, located at 935 Alpharetta Street in the heart of historic Roswell, the Archibald Smith home and grounds are open year round for tours and has thousands of visitors each year. RGC maintains several gardens at Smith, co-sponsors Fall Farm Days at Smith, and decorates Smith extensively for the holidays.  

Kitchen Garden @ Smith

The Kitchen Garden at Smith is located behind the original 1849 kitchen. RGC maintains the garden, changing out vegetables as appropriate for the season. In spring, members plant lettuce, collards, kale, cabbage, turnip greens, green onions, cauliflower, and broccoli. The vegetables are used by the cook staff at Smith for demonstration purposes.

Rose Garden @ Smith

 The Rose Garden @ Smith is one of RGC’s oldest gardens. Members prune, deadhead, spray and mulch the garden as needed.   

Heritage Hydrangea Garden @ Smith

The three-tiered Heritage Hydrangea Garden is weeded, fertilized, pruned, and mulched with pine straw in the spring. RGC monitors the garden and weeds it throughout the year. 

Plant It Pink Garden @ Smith (National Garden Clubs project)

The Plant-it-Pink Garden @ Smith, located around a bench on a walkway, is planted in pink. This spring, pink pentas and pink azaleas were planted, and the bed was mulched with pine straw. Plant-It-Pink Gardens are a project of the National Garden Clubs.

Perennial Garden @ Smith

The perennial garden contains multiple cultivars of daylillies as well as other perennials.  RGC maintains this garden, adding or replacing plantings as needed.   

Plantings in Butterfly Garden @ Barrington Hall

Certified Butterfly Garden @ Barrington Hall

Plantings in Butterfly Garden @ Barrington Hall

Plantings in Butterfly Garden @ Barrington Hall

Plantings in Butterfly Garden @ Barrington Hall

Restoring Boxwood Garden @ Barrington Hall

Adopt A Road @ Barrington Hall

Historic Preservation: RGC Gardens @ Barrington Hall

Historic Barrington Hall is located at 535 Barrington Dr., Roswell. RGC maintains the Barrington Hall Butterfly Garden and Peach Orchard, as well as undertaking Adopt-a-Road cleanups as needed on the grounds. RGC works cooperatively with the city to buy materials and plants. We also work closely with Keep Roswell Beautiful on initiatives to maintain and improve the quality of life in Roswell.

Certified Butterfly Garden @ Barrington Hall

This North America Butterfly Association certified butterfly garden is located in front of the carriage house. It faces the parking lot where hundreds of visitors park each year. RGC planted two buddleia, butterfly bushes; eight zinnias; two Novae-Belgium, asters; two stokesia laevis, Stokes Asters; two lantana camara, Lantana; two hibiscus-moscheutos; two asclepius, butterfly weeds; and two Phlox paniculate, summer phlox in the Butterfly Garden.

Other plants in the bed include a tea olive, native milkweed, black-eyed Susan, false indigo, lantana, sedum, and bee balm. 

The garden is equipped with two butterfly houses, water puddle containers for butterflies to cool, and a few flat rocks for butterflies to sun.

Focus Project 2019-2020: Peach Orchard Tree Replacement @ Barrington Hall

RGC donated a Peach Orchard to the grounds of Barrington Hall in 2006. The Peach Orchard has a tree for each of RGC’s five Honorary Members and one for our deceased members. RGC works with the groundskeeper at Barrington Hall to tend the Peach Orchard.

A project is in the works to replace two trees this fall and celebrate the replanting of the Orchard on Arbor Day 2020.

Special Project Assistance @ Barrington Hall

RGC assists with special projects at Barrington Hall. The special projects include activities such as the restoration of the boxwood gardens and decoration for one-time holiday events.

Neel Reid Reflecting Pool Garden

Grounds & Gardens Ribbon Cutting @ Mimosa

Late Summer Splendor - Spider Lilies Emerge in Neil Reid Reflecting Pool Garden

Sign at the Foot of Neel Reid Reflecting Pool

Fig Garden @ Mimosa After Excavation

Working in the Gardens @ Mimosa

Historic Preservation: RGC Rehab of Gardens @ Mimosa

2018-2019 Focus Project: RGC Rehab of Gardens @ Mimosa Hall Event Center. RGC restored the Fig Garden, the Neel Reid Reflecting Pool Garden, and the Perennial Garden. All work in these gardens was done according to the guidelines in The Secretary of Interior Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties. This project was funded by the Friends of Mimosa Hall’s Historic Land Preservation Grant from The Garden Club of Georgia, Inc..

Neel Reid Reflecting Pool Garden @ Mimosa

The Neel Reid Reflecting Pool Garden needed intense TLC. Many hours were spent cleaning this overgrown garden. RGC members trimmed hedges to let the light in, uncovered azaleas and daylilies, and mulched. All restoration work was performed according to The Secretary of Interior Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties.

The sign at the foot of the Reflecting Pool reads “We walk through one garden into another. Some of us go a little ahead of others, but in the light of eternity, our separation from our loved ones is brief.”

Fig Garden @ Mimosa

Mimosa Hall’s Fig Garden consists of six huge fig bushes. The bushes were overrun by vines and weeds. Numerous daffodils had territorialized the Fig Garden. After many hours of weeding, mulching, and removing rogue daffodils for transplant, the Fig Garden is clean and ready for visitors. 

Perennial Garden @ Mimosa

Like the the Neel Reid Reflecting Pool Garden and the Fig Garden, the Perennial Garden was overrun by weeds and vines. RGC members uncovered roses bushes and iris. The rogue daffodils removed from the Fig Garden were transplanted in the Perennial Garden. Landscape cloth was installed to discourage weed growth. After a deep coat of mulch was added, the Perennial Garden is ready to thrive once again.

Mimosa Hall Grounds & Gardens Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

RGC members attended the Mimosa Hall Grounds & Gardens Ribbon Cutting Ceremony on April 22, 2019, to celebrate the conclusion of the project.

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