Living in Roswell we are constantly surrounded by all different aspects of nature, from the Chattahoochee river, to the hiking trails at the mill, and rolling hills at Leita Thompson park. The outdoor scene has so much to offer in Roswell, but are we taking care of it? Living in an outdoorsman’s dream city we must take steps to ensure that we can keep Roswell as beautiful as it can be, ensuring that we take action on environmental issues we see around our community.
There are several simple at home ways to make a positive impact on the local environment, the first being recycling. Many neighborhoods throughout the city offer recycling services once a week. And while participation is more than encouraged, stay educated on what can and can not be recycled. Items such as glass, plastics #1-7, paper and folded cardboard boxes are all accepted, where as waste such as: plastic bags, light bulbs, ceramics and styrofoam can not be recycled. The simple review of what you put into your recycling bin can impact the efficiency of recycling facilities, creating a greener, minimal waste environment. In addition to educating yourself about the ins and outs of recycling, another great way to get involved in positive environmental change is through planting your own garden. Not only does this provide delicious herbs, spices, vegetables and fruits but it also paves the way to a greener, more sustainable Roswell. Gardening can provide homes to numerous animals and insects that inhabit Roswell, as well as offer fresh ingredients for meals. This also helps to reduce your carbon footprint because your food no longer has to be shipped to the grocery store, creating both vehicular and non recyclable waste from the grocery bags, but rather can be picked straight from your backyard.
On a larger scale, Roswell is home to a staple river that runs throughout both Georgia and Florida. Because we are located toward the top of the river, all of our waste dumped into the river flows downstream, affecting each ecosystem it passes through. Not only does Rivers Alive, a local group, help to organize events to promote the health of our river, they also host annual clean up events in which the community can gather to help make a difference for this vital part of home. Be cautious of what you throw away, make sure that it is properly placed in a waste receptacle to ensure it isn’t thrown into the river, and further be aware of what harmful chemicals may enter your drains, for they may end up in our rivers, affecting the flora, fauna and wildlife that rely on the river as much as we do.
If you are a student looking to be involved in local environmental issues, many offer a student run environmental club. Being one of the founding members of my high school environmental clubs has allowed me as well as dozens of other students to further their knowledge on the local environment as well as actively participate in making both the school and the city a more eco-friendly place to work, learn and play.
Whether it’s planting a new type of flowers in your garden, picking up waste around the river or making sure you know what’s in your recycling bin get involved Roswell, lets go green!