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Roswell Garden Club

Roswell, Georgia

Garden Club of Georgia, Inc.

Club of the Year

2007, 2012, 2014, 2017, 2021

“Roswell – Ours to Beautify and Conserve”

The logo for the Roswell Garden Club

Roswell Garden Club is an award-winning organization that continues to seek ways to beautify the community, conserve its natural splendor, and inspire and educate our fellow Roswellians.

Founded and federated in 1951, the club withstands the test of time. We are proud to be part of The Garden Club of Georgia, with 12,000 members statewide, and National Garden Clubs, an organization that boasts 5,000 member clubs.

Club members pursue individual interests and also work to meet annual local, state, and national club goals that involve beautifying community properties, installing & maintaining memorial markers, holiday decorating, garden therapy, youth programs, scholarships, education, floral design, and more.

The world is changing rapidly, but the need to connect and “give back” is still paramount to personal happiness and satisfaction. Our club welcomes guests. You do not need to live in Roswell to join us. We are open to all ages and skill levels. Join us, and you will make a positive impact on your life and your community.


Most of our projects & activities are sponsored by the Dogwood District and The Garden Club of Georgia, Inc., whose goals are beautification, conservation, and educationthe Deep South Garden Clubs, Inc., whose “member states share a love for gardening, for conserving and protecting our natural resources, as well as wildlife and habitats, for beautifying our communities and for sharing what we learn with others”and National Garden Clubs, Inc., whose goal is to “connect us with people, plants, and programs that provide inspiration and valuable resources”.

To find out more about our affiliations and projects at the district, state, regional, and national levels, click on the logos below.

The logo for The Garden Club of Georgia, Inc.,  Dogwood District