The 2020 Georgia Daffodil Society Show at the Chattahoochee Nature Center was spectacular. We are going to take a look at four designs from each of these classes: Bounty of Color, Visual Delight, and Brighten My Day.

This first class we are looking at, Bounty of Color, called for a creative design on a pedestal. Each creative design was staged using a 38” high black pedestal with a 14” square top placed against a neutral wall. Underlays were permitted but couldn’t extend beyond the 14” square top.



               Bounty of Color Design 1                    Bounty of Color Design 2                    ­­


Bounty of Color Design 3                     ­­Bounty of Color Design 4

  • Bounty of Color design 1 is my design. The judges felt the bottom orange leaf was too dominant. These are Sea Grape Leaves, painted orange. The title called for “A Bounty of Color”.
  • Bounty of Color design 2 won the blue ribbon. The colored glass vases were perfect for this class. Some of you know Betty Williams–this is her design.
  • Bounty of Color design 3 skillfully used weathered wood for the main line.
  • Bounty of Color design 4 has an interesting and unusual trunk and moss base. Carolyn Hawkins’ design uses chenille wires inside the stems. After being soaked in water, the chenille holds enough water for the daffodils to last 24 hours. This design was marked down because all of the color is at the top of the design.

The second class we are looking at, Visual Delight, called for a creative design staged using one-half of a 6’ long x 29” high table with a designer top space of 36” wide x 29” deep with no height restriction. The Show Committee provided a floor-length green covering for the tables placed against a neutral wall. Underlays and staging panels were permitted and encouraged. The underlay and panels were provided by the exhibitor. 



Visual Delight Design 1                    Visual Delight Design 2       


Visual Delight Design 3                    Visual Delight Design 4 

  • Visual Delight design 1 is very creative. The beautifully painted leaves are Strelitzia or Bird of Paradise. The judges thought the white was too dominant. This is JoAnn Jones’ design.
  • Visual Delight design 2 was created by Anna Burns. Anna took a course in Europe that taught the fabric enhanced wire circles. Her leaf manipulation of the Aspidistra is beautiful!
  • Visual Delight design 3 is another design by Betty Williams. It is a beautifully conceived design.
  • Visual Delight design 4 by Carolyn Hawkins received the top ribbon for the show. The toast colored plant material came from a desert plant. The mesh ribbon is beautiful and the daffodils are well distributed through the design. I felt the only tiny flaw was the silver stand showing through. It is a gorgeous design!

The third class we are looking at, Brighten My Day, called for a breakfast tray for one person, staged using a terra-cotta colored pedestal 25” high with a 24” square top, against a neutral wall. The Show Committee provided the pedestal. Underlays furnished by the exhibitor were permitted and encouraged. The design needed to be stable enough for the tray to be carried without toppling.



                Brighten My Day Design 1                              Brighten My Day Design 2                                      


                          Brighten My Day Design 3                                                      Brighten My Day Design 4        

  • Brighten My Day design 1 is a sweet design. I think you can read the judge’s comment here…design too small.
  • Brighten My Day design 2 is the first place tray. It is beautifully conceived. The daffodils are just gorgeous!
  • Brighten My Day design 3 is my design. The judges’ comment on this design was that the daffodils did not follow a line and impeded the rhythm. The design is mine, and I agree.
  • Brighten My Day design 4 — Unfortunately I do not remember the comment on this. Perhaps the design did not seem stable enough to be carried.

A daffodil show is fun but a challenge as daffodils are not always easy to work with. For more information on the Georgia Daffodil Society, see their facebook page If you are looking for daffodils for your garden, mark your calendar now for the Georgia Daffodil Society’s 2020 Annual Daffodil Bulb Sale on October 24, 2020 at the Peachtree Road Farmers Market, Cathedral of St. Philip, 2744 Peachtree Road, Atlanta, GA 30305.