Friends, plants, gardens, and friendship go and grow hand in hand as you’ll see in these thoughts from RGC members who share how their gardens grew, row by row, with flowers from their friends.


Roz: Most of the plants in my sun room were given to me by friends and family. These photos show plants from hiking, synagogue, and garden club friends and ONE (green pot) from my Mother. 

When Mom moved out of her house in Brooklyn, she gifted me with her only houseplant. The plant ‘lived’ with me in New Jersey and then traveled with me to Georgia. I think about my Mom, who passed in 2008, when I care for her plant. 

 When plants from friends show significant growth and/or bloom, I send photos. During the worst of the Pandemic I spent many hours in the sun room with the plants. Although I live alone, my friends were often with me as I tended their plants.




Linda B:

My plaque and welcome mat echo my feelings about friends and my gardens.  




Debbie J: Not my words but I read this a couple of days ago and found it to be very true…..“A good friend is like a four-leaf clover; hard to find and lucky to have.”


Dotty E: This year for the first time I have enjoyed the beauty of Hellebori in bloom. I have to thank my dear friend Florence Anne for sharing these wonderful plants with me and setting me on this path. 

in the late 1970’s I shared some day lilies with a very dear friend to get her started and in the early 1990’s I had moved to a house and wanted to add some back to the landscape. My friend dug up offshoots from those I had given her years before and gifted me some. 

I was thrilled when I walked in my garden and saw little shoots emerging from plants Carolyn Herndon gave me last year. I was happy to see they survived the confusing spring weather we have had in Georgia. 

 I have hosta from a friend who allowed me to dig some from her garden. Another shared Iris and yet another gave me a cutting from her Camellia.

 Many of the plants around my home were given to me by friends and I think of them each time I see them in my garden.  My garden has a long way to go but thanks to encouraging friends, it adds joy to my life and reminds me how blessed I truly am. 




Whether our gardens are container gardens, indoor gardens, or large or small gardens outside, we have grown them row by row, flower by flower, with our friends. We hope you can join us in this experience.