If friendship were a garden, Amaryllis would be a friend who is always there for us. In Georgia we have many months of beauty in our landscape. Perhaps March is one of our most beautiful months for blooms. The Amaryllis bulbs that we can save from year to year might have come into bloom in February or March in our homes. When the blooms finish, it will be time to fertilize them and watch the leaves grow more lush.

In May my bulbs will be transferred to the garden where the bulbs will be replenished as the foliage continues to grow.

I will pull them out of the garden in October and allow them to dry while the leaves dry.

By December, the foliage will be ready to be removed and the bulbs replanted in fresh soil, in their pots indoors. In a month or so, the bulbs will begin to sprout new shoots. At that time watering can resume as we wait for the beautiful blooms to begin again.

Some of my bulbs are 15 years or more old and still perform. Meanwhile, out the window Magnolias and spring bulbs are a delight!