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A glossy leaf plant, Fatsia Japonica is also known as false castor oil plant or Japanese aralia. It is native to Japan and Korea. It is evergreen growing from 3 to 16 feet tall. Its leaves are large fans and its flowers look like something from outer space with small white globes blooming on tall white stalks.

Fatsia Japonica grows best as an understory bush in a climate not going below 5 degrees. It can be grown as an indoor plant.

As you can see by the photos of where it is in my sunken oriental woodland garden, it blooms when the tall canopy of deciduous trees has exfoliated, and the dwarf, oriental maples are showing their non-native vibrant red leaves.

After blooming Fatsia Japonica produces small black berries which I never see as the birds get them first.

These fatsia are probably pushing 18 years old. They have been my friends for quite a while. If you are looking for a low-maintenace, quirky, beautiful friend for a woodsy spot, check out my friend Fatsia.